Aw Invictus LVT

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AW Invictus

We are proud suppliers and intallers of AW Invictus LVT, with Primus starting with a 0.3 wear layer and Maximus with a 0.55 wear layer both products feature AW's Scratchmaster coating giving the product 25 years warranty on domestic intallations and 15 year for commercial making this one of the best products out on the market. All our LVT fitters are fully trained in all aspects of the product including all subfloor preparation needed to ensure your installation is perfect every time

AW invictus

AW Primus and Maximus come with the added protection of their Scratchmaster coating

25 year for domestic installations
15 year for all commercial installations
All fitted by Brandt Carpet and flooring fully employed fitters for peice of mind